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The New Standard Of
Internet Connectivity

Why Are You Still Paying For Internet Every Month?

Plug Our Hotspot Into Your Router And Let Us Pay You Each Month!

LongFi USA is building a strong network in your area, why not get paid to help build the world's first decentralized LongFi network for  Internet Of Things devices. 

Get Paid Every Single  Month!

Start off making $25 dollars a month on your internet service, stop there or make as much as $100 dollars a month in passive income!

Low Energy & Data Consumption 

Our hotspots use a small amount of data & energy to communicate with other hotspots. This means no increase in your energy bill.

Timely Install

Our professionals can quickly arrive and install your hotspot in less than an hour. Meaning no long waiting for installs & setups.

Premium Customer Service

Rest assured you have access to contact a member of our customer support team via phone or email.

LongFi Is Not The Future Of Technology, It Is The Now...Don't Get Left Behind!

What Is LongFi?

Unprecedented Velocity. Impeccable Reliability.

LongFi is designed for a whole new class of Internet of Things (IoT). This is not WiFi, LongFi is designed for low cost and low power items like GPS, smart collars, air quality sensors, smart thermometers, wildfire sensors, smart mailboxes and trash cans as well as many other types of sensors and equipment. LongFi is specifically designed for these class of devices with antennas having up to 200X more range than a WiFi antenna but doing so at a much lower speed and bandwidth as these devices are transmitting very small bits of data.


With the decentralized approach this is done by partnering with residents and businesses to deploy small antennas in their home or place of business that extend the coverage of the network in their area, and in turn compensate our host for their participation.

We Take Pride in Our Numbers


Years of Experience


Meters Per Hotspot


Hour For Install


Dollars Per Month


Dollars Passive Income

Our Partners

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Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Internet Experience?

Let's Get You Paid!

Your payout will start at $25 dollars and will increase to up to $100 per month for those with long time uninterrupted internet service. Click the button below so we can begin your qualification process and have a member of our team contact you!

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