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Check Below To Get A Few Of Your Questions Answered.


What's In It For Me?

Beyond making a ton of great smart city wireless devices one step closer to being available for your city, you also get paid $25 dollars per month and could make as much as $100 dollars per month.

Will this slow my internet at home and how much electricity does this hotspot device use?

No this will not effect your bandwidth or network speeds at home. Ultra Low Power – only uses about the same amount as an LED light bulb (5W)

Is this legal and allowed?

Yes and Yes this takes use of the 915mhz (US and Canada) frequency and is safe for deployment either indoors or outdoors and is part of unlicensed spectrum that is open to the public to utilize.

Will this expand my WiFi coverage at home?

No this is expanding a LongFi network for a certain class of IoT devices. This hotspot will not be utilized by devices that you connect to WiFi, devices such as laptop, tablet, TV, etc.

What do we ask for from our hosts?

  • Electricity - This can be achieved via a regular outlet or via Power over Ethernet (POE).

  • Placement - This is key, the more line of sight and avoiding obstructions the more you earn. Having your hotspot antenna near a window or outside is best.

  • Elevation - The higher elevated you have your hotspot antenna the better. Rooftops and highrises typically perform the best.

  • Proximity - Close to other hotspot antennas, remember the point of being a host is extending the coverage of the network. Part of doing that is being close enough to other hosts, which is typically achieved best in urban areas or major cities.

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